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Hindraf wants Perak Sultan to remove Mufti -FMT

He’s not confining himself to the reasons why he was appointed and is more interested in playing politics with sensitive issues.


KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf Makkal Sakthi, the ad hoc apolitical human rights NGO working across the political divide, has appealed to the Sultan of Perak to remove the state Mufti on the grounds that the latter has crossed the line and brought his position into public disrepute and public contempt. “Since he’s not confining himself to the reasons why he was appointed, and was more interested in playing politics with sensitive issues, he should be removed.”

“We are of the opinion that he’s not fit to hold the office of Mufti of Perak and should be removed from office to protect and uphold the principles of peaceful co-existence among the various ethnic groups in the country,” said Hindraf Perak Secretary Chandrasegaran Subramaniam.

He was giving details on a letter that Hindraf had sent to the Perak Sultan on the matter.

Hindraf was bringing the Mufti’s “irresponsible and senseless statement on vernacular schools” to the attention of the Sultan.

The Mufti, in his statement, urged Putrajaya to abolish vernacular school on the grounds that it would reduce inter-ethnic hostility and conflict. “This is a statement which has long been recycled for political mileage,” said Chandrasegaran. “Any productive measures should be based on the concept of integration rather than assimilation.”

His statement was totally unsubstantiated, added the Hindraf Perak Secretary, with possible malicious intent to instigate ill-feeling among the people. “Such careless and insidious statements will in general create anxiety, fear, distrust and misunderstanding.”

The Hindraf Perak statement stressed that Malaysia was a nation of many multis and this should be seen as a source of strength rather than weakness. “Discrimination and policies that promote assimilation should be rejected.”