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Don’t belittle Indian community, Hindraf warns Putrajaya - TMT

hindraf-putrajaya.jpgKUALA LUMPUR, May 20: Hindraf finds it amusing with the recent claim by the Treasury Secretary General Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah that RM2.89 Billion had been catered through operating and development expenditures to implement programmes and project for the Indian community.

“It is amazing for them to make such falsified and illogical statement to appease the Indian community without actually carrying out any tangible long term and far reaching development for the community,” said its chief P. Waytha Moorthy.

Based on the national budget in 2014, Waytha said, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development had an operating budget of RM2.0 billion and a development budget of 106 Million with a workforce of 6,996 employees.

Waytha pointed out that the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government had an operating budget of 2.37 billion with an operating cost of 1.54 billion with 16,812 staffs.

“Looking at the above two ministries that could considerably contribute for the need of the average and poverty stricken Indian community, it is obviously a joke that the government had dedicated 2.89 billion towards the Indian community.

“Are they claiming that operating, development cost and staff allocation dedicated to the Indian community is more than the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development budget and more than have of its Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government’s budget?

“Can the government provide how many employees within the government agencies are dedicated to ensure the improvement of the historically suppressed Indian community?” the former deputy minister in the Prime Minister Department asked.

Waytha said that the plans, policies and implementation of these respective ministries can be seen by the entire country, but the alleged billions spent on the Indian community remains invisible.

“If Ministry of Women with a budget of RM 2 billion employs almost 7,000 employees to look into their affairs, where are the employers the government employed to handle the critical and grave issues plaguing the Indian community?

“When Hindraf was in the government during its short tenure to address such national dilemma such as the displaced 800,000 displaced estate workers, the thousands of stateless Malaysian Indians, the Hindu temples, education opportunities and job and business opportunities, not even 10 staffs were allocated more so not even designated with a proper department.

“The government keep harping on allocation of billions of ringgit for the Indian community, but the truth is how have these allocation been utilized and how it had been carried out remains a mystery.

“There were cumulative 200 million allocated for the Tamil schools in year 2012 and 2013, similar to Chinese schools,” he added.

Waytha said that the allocation for Chinese school was fully dispersed prior by the year end 2013 for those Chinese schools in need, however, only less than 20 million of the allocated funds were disbursed to the Tamil schools.

“It is clear that the government can allocate on paper as much as they want and blow their trumpet about it, but the implementation and the continued mismanagement is a repeated story of its own when it relates to the Indian community.

“The government can carry on lying to the people but they must be silly to think the people buy their stories.

“Hindraf warns the treasury secretary general and the government not to belittle the Indian community with administrative and finance jargon to confuse them when the fact remains that the government continues to suppress and oppress and short changing them the Malaysian Indians,” he said.