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RM 2.88 billion for Indians? Stop lying, Hindraf slams Putrajaya - TMT

WAYTHAMOORTHY-AND-NAJIB-300x199.jpgKUALA LUMPUR, May 16: Hindraf has accused the government of lying about its claim that it has spent RM 2.88 billion on Indian community.

“The Government should stop lying to the Malaysian Indian community that it spent 2.88 billion ringgit on the community alone for the year 2012-2014,” said its chief P. Waytha Moorthy.

“Endless lies and deceit have been churned and spread that the community would not believe a single word of the Government,” he added.

He was commenting on a report that the government spent RM2.88 billion for the Indian community alone.

Tamil daily Malaysian Nanban quoted Treasury Secretary General Tan Sri Irwan Serigar Abdullah as saying that the government has spent 2.88 billion ringgit for the year 2012-2014 and an additional RM260 Million for the 2015.

“The administration of Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Tun Razak has not only lost trust in the Malay community after the Tabung Haji scandal erupted last week and the 1MDB, but has lost all trust of the Indian community towards the Government.

“The human rights violations suffered by the Indian community are on a daily basis and this is continuing with complete denial and false propaganda that the government is spending billions to help them.

“They could use MIC, top government servants or even the Prime Minister himself to issue the lies but it would no longer work. The entire Cabinet has to take responsibility for the unfulfilled promises it made in the MOU,” he said in a statement today.

Waytha claimed the government has cheated the Malaysian Indian community on the MOU that it signed with Hindraf on April 18, 2013, where the Prime Minister assured that new policies and implementation would be carried out for the purposes of uplifting the Indian community.

“The Prime Minister openly apologized to the Indian community in public for the neglect of the community for at least four decades and assured them that under his leadership and with the support of Hindraf he would do all that was necessary to correct the wrongs of the government.

Waytha said when he was appointed a Deputy Minister, the Prime Minister had assured Hindraf that he would be given a new unit to draft and implement new policies and economic programs particularly for the 800,000 displaced estate workers and find practical alternatives for the relocation with necessary budget of Hindu temples on the way of development and address the issue of statelessness, education and job opportunities for the poor Indians.

An annual budget estimated of at least 2.5 billion ringgit was agreed unofficially subject to reassessment by government economic advisers and officers but nothing transpired in the eight months that Waytha was in office, said the statement.

“Promises after promises were made that the unit and budget was on the way.

“Hindraf urges the government to stop its nonsense of lying to the Malaysian Indians that billions of ringgit was spent. The last the government came up with a lie was immediately after the resignation of Hindraf Chair that RM500 million was spent on the Indian community in 2013.

“When Hindraf refuted this, all they could do was use their goons in MIC to run a smear campaign against us,” he added.