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Hindraf to Parliamentarians and Senators: Honour your election promises

ganesan-n-hindraf-1-255x300.jpg8 May 2015: Hindraf today sent letters to 219 Members of Parliament and 66 Senators individually, informing them of a campaign to call the Prime Minister and his team, to account for the agreement the BN signed up to in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on socio-economic interventions for the Indian poor signed with Hindraf on the 18th of April 2013.

A letter was sent to the Prime Minister by HINDRAF on the 18th of April 2015, the second anniversary of the signing of the MOU asking for a report on the performance with regards to the MOU for the years 2013 and 2014.

From the way the Prime Minister has failed to deliver the agreed upon socio-economic programs up to now, it is becoming increasingly probable that he is not about to honour the promises made in the MOU.

Hindraf Advisor N Ganesan strongly expressed the need for integrity among the political class in the letters to the lawmakers. Promises given by politicians in exchange for the votes given to them by the rakyat, must be honoured he said. They must not run away from their obligations to fulfil their promises after the votes have been got and the elections won.

In the letter to the MPs, N Ganesan additionally called out to the Members of Parliament to raise the matter in Parliament and call for a debate on whether the Prime Minister plans to honour the contract in the MOU. This he reminded them would be one clear way for them to express their support for the people. He also urged the MPs to demand a report card from the Prime Minister on the performance of the sitting BN government for the first two years of the 5 year contract embodied in the MOU. He pointed out that it is more than the MOU that was about to be breached and the law about to be violated by the Government. It is a fundamental issue of integrity of leadership or the lack of it. He wanted them further to make a formal report to the public on the establishment, proceedings and findings of this Senate Committee.

This is the beginning of a campaign that Hindraf intends to pursue to its logical conclusion. The benefits of getting a positive response to this campaign would extend beyond the scope of this MOU, not only for poor Indians but for the poor of all races. It would signal the return of integrity to the politics of the country. This is something that the people so sorely seek – integrity among the political class.