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Our Intention Not To Embarrass Malaysian Goverment

waytha uk.jpgHindraf wishes to state that it is aware that the civil suit before the London High Court on Monday 30th March 2015 has the potential to embarrass the Malaysian government but this is not our primary intention.

The case directly targets the British Government for not protecting the rights of the Indian community, and others, when the Malayan Constitution was drafted in 1957.

The effect of the British Government’s willful neglect has caused great sufferings of the Malaysian Indians unimaginable and misunderstood by other communities.

rubbertaper_thumb.jpgThe effect of British neglect has caused 800,000 displaced plantation workers. They are a fragmented society, lost their homes, jobs, land and left in a lurch because the Government refused to take responsibility for them. 300,000 people remain stateless and this became apparent after the effect of displacement.

Racial discrimination and the government’s racial policies have excluded the Indian community from the mainstream economy of the country though more than 1 trillion ringgit has been spent under the NEP and its successive economic programs.

Hindraf is of the opinion the gross human rights violations suffered by the Indian community is the direct cause of the neglect of the British Government more than 50 years ago.

Hindraf will prove in the London court that the racist system entrenched in the constitution of Malaysia has given the powers to the Umno led government to implement racist and discriminatory policies. Hindraf will have no choice but at the right stage of the hearing issue a subpoena out of jurisdiction for the Prime Minister to testify at the UK courts on his failure to fulfill his obligations on the MOU he publicly signed with the Malaysian Indians as well as his failure to address the 40 years neglect and marginalization of the Malaysian Indian community.

We will also be compiling a list of former Prime Ministers, Finance ministers and Ministers in charge of economy to provide true facts and figures for the case.

We find no joy doing this but we are forced by the Malaysian Government to do this especially when they reneged on their promises on the MOU which promised a new economic empowerment programs for the 800,000 displaced estate workers.

The British Government would be resisting our case on the grounds they are not responsible for the predicaments of the Indian community today. I wish to state we have thousands of documents to prove that they were directly responsible for our sufferings today.

Most importantly they knew the Indians would be left as sucked oranges in Malaya and they cared less.

British parliament members particularly raised issues during the debate of Malaya independence bill in UK Parliament but the British Government brushed aside those concerns on grounds that the Indians would be taken care of. The truth about how our forefathers were duped in Malaya with promises of land for settlement by the British government would surface.

More than 1 million Indians died either during the journey to Malaya or clearing the jungles of Malaya. The Indians were the workforce in building railways, roads, government buildings and contributing to the major source of income to Malaya – rubber.

The British Government exiled good political leaders and union leaders, blamed them as communist insurgents. Leaders like Ganapathy and Veerasenan were killed and hanged. Hence the Indians did not have political representation.

The MIC and Union leaders were compromised leaders who did not stand their ground in protecting the rights of the community at the time of independence. This aside, the British government owed the Indians a duty of care.

We had every right to depend on them for legal protection as most of those born in the plantations were citizens of United Kingdom and colonies by virtue of British nationality Act 1948.

I have made this promise before and I repeat my earlier promise to the descendants of indenture labourers and those displaced plantation workers. I will do my utmost for all of you.

I am seeking justice for the blood, sweat and tears our forefathers shed in this land. What is utmost important is truth should be revealed by this action.

P.Waytha Moorthy