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‘British gov’t breached international laws’ – Hindraf - TMT

waytha_sir_3.jpgKUALA LUMPUR, Mar 27: Hindraf today said that the hearing of the suit against the British Government, which will be heard on Monday at the Royal Court of Justice in London, would highlight the fact that Britain breached the international laws.

Its chief P. Waytha Moorthy claimed that the United Kingdom government was responsible in drafting to curtail totalitarian and authoritarian regimes as seen in the World War 2.

“Britain played a key role in drafting the Universal declaration of Human Rights 1948 and the European Convention of human rights in 1953.

“In fact Britain has a long history of human rights when it formulated the Bill of Rights in 1689 which emphasized on the fundamental individual rights and liberty through the rule of law,”

Waytha said in a statement today. Waytha said Hindraf’s case would be that the UK government owed their subjects – this includes the Indians, Chinese and Orang Asli’s – a duty of care to ensure they were given constitutional protection on fundamental human rights.

“Equality and Rule of Law are the very basic elements of a constitution. “However the protection of Rule of Law under Article 4 was withdrawn and other fundamental human rights provisions were diluted to give way for an entrenched racist provision.

“Britain were warned by many organizations and individuals, notable among them were the late Lau Pak Khuan who took the trouble to engage Queens counsel to challenge and lobby racist provisions in the Malayan Constitution.

“His warnings are clearly materializing today. Malaysia is no longer a peaceful country where the different races lived in coexistence and harmony.

“Instead the creation of a super class has created a society which is able to bulldoze laws and policies favouring the Malays and Muslims.

“This in turn has created two classes of citizens glaringly divided in a single country.

“The Indians and non-Malays are subjected to institutional discrimination and creeping Islamisation in their lives,” he said.

He added: “Thus the root cause of our current sufferings of human rights violations go back to the original tortfeasor the British Government.”

Waytha argued that the fundamental rights and freedom was essential tenets of a constitution to ensure no political retrogression or backsliding into tyranny against the minorities can be constrained on the behavior of future national governments.

“Hindraf’s Queen Counsel would argue there are ample evidences that show the direction the British government embarked was a deliberate path in breach of their international obligations and duty towards the minority community and they went ahead with full knowledge of the repercussions.

“There are ample documentary evidence to show that the British Government were warned and advised against rewriting the proposed Constitution prepared by the independent Reid Constitutional commission by Parliamentary Counsels, and the then Attorney General.

“All this was done to appease (former prime minister) Tunku Abdul Rahman who is seen as a pro British leader who would protect the British interests,” Waytha said.