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Hindraf, please take leave from the government

by Wong Mun Chee  
nambikkaiMuch was anticipated with the goodwill of the PM to address the lapse by the government against the loyal Malaysian Indian community in his exact words in the MOU that was signed with the BN government on April 18, 2013.

Nambikei or trust is not simply a matter of truthfulness or even consistency but conduct of amity and goodwill for the sidelined Malaysian Indians.

The latest budget is not a brain stormer, just look at some of the allocation: computerising the AG’s office RM8.5 million, PM’s advisors RM3.3 million, administration for office space RM234 million, holiday homes RM6.3 million -etc. No, I am not plucking figures!!! It is all available in the MOF website.

It is a pity that human factor that effects the Malaysian Indians has no room for any constructive allocation even when the PM pledged wholesomely to address the plight of the Malaysian Indians by signing the MOU with Hindraf.

Whether we like it or not, Hindraf has and had been the catalyst for freedom to roam without fear or favor for the truth to emerge. Although many were not favorable for them to strike a deal with the current administration, they did so to achieve their duty and responsibility to uphold the truth for the community either with the saint or devil to deliver as long as the true predicament for the Malaysian Indians can be addressed in a workable permanent solution.

The renunciation by the PM in sidelining Hindraf and their allocation to rectify the position of the Malaysian Indians is a total breach of Nambikei.

The compromise by Hindraf with the current administration was for the goodwill of the Malaysian Indian community but the lackluster attitude by the government in their budget clearly indicates that it is not serious in addressing the socially and economically engineered drawbacks that are faced by the Malaysian Indian community.

Hindraf in anticipation of the Nambikei having compromised for the betterment of the community, now needs to hold on to its own principle of rights without mercy in weal and woes to step out of the government.

Hindraf has been a catalyst for humanity to sustain in Malaysia. It has been the manifestation of many forces to mushroom to speak without fear or favor, just like me. Its freedom to sustain and endeavor for humanity should not be curtailed for the desire, ignorance and inequality of the current administration or anyone else.

This is not unnecessary fretting or fuming but acknowledging the fact that Hindraf took a path to achieve its objective against the tide but it has now become to no avail as it is transparent with the current budget for 2014 at last in regards to the Malaysian Indians.

As an economically sound non-Indian Malaysian, I sympathise with the predicament of the poorer segment of the marginalised Malaysian Indians and I believe that Hindraf should not be bound with its marriage of convenience with the current administration who continues to act without a conviction or conscious to resolve the lapse of the government against the Malaysian Indians in a constructive manner.

‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ – Lao Tzu