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Waytha Moorthy has proven his mantle

zahid waythaThe Deputy Minister Senator P.Waytha Moorthy came under fire from various cabinet ministers when he had questioned the manner of the shooting of the five Malaysian Indians who were killed in an extra judicial method.

The call for toe the line phrase was used to crucify him under the pretext of a collective responsibility when these ministers were unable to distinguish between the act and manner of an institution like the PDRM and the role of the executive branch.

The recent speech by the Home Minister Zahid Hamidi on the shoot first order, sanctioning of certain illegal gangs as UMNO friendly and his role in pushing through the PCA bill has definitely cleared the air on the mode of this particular Minister on his selective persecution and reaffirmed the suspicion on the possibility of shoot first on the five Malaysians that were killed in Penang.       

Whether his speech was outlandish or not is not the issue, but his boldness and arrogance to the extend he could claim that the recent PCA was his law epitomize the face of the current administration on how haphazard it is in dealing with race relation in Malaysia in a multicultural nation.

Naturally the rebuking by the opposition is an obvious occurrence but the backlash from the international community is slowly forming its way with the recent release by HRW. See link The repercussion from the international community cannot be contained like how it is done by force or blackmail in Malaysia as this Minister had arrogantly stated that he will shut down the media that reports it.  

Our hillbilly Minister in his Emperor’s new cloth does not realize the gravity of his statement and the outreach on the international scene.   

What could be an interesting turn of event is the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) which is taking place in a fortnight. Naturally Malaysia will be represented by their toothless agencies to justify their human rights records, but I am waiting for the fun when they are bombarded for the antic of this Minister.  

The silence of the other Ministers within the cabinet is not surprising but I guess that is what you could call a collective responsibility of an insane government of the day that they intend to chart their 1malaysia concept for the citizens.

If such a moronic statement can have the obeisance and obedience of the other seasoned fellow Ministers in the cabinet, it would be rather wise to have rookie government leaders like Senator P.Waythamoorthy who can exercise the wisdom and maturity in exercising civic consciousness in a responsible manner.       

Wong Mun Chee